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A Night in the Desert
Desert mist
Under the sky
Hot, blazing wind
Under silent sky
Illusion of green
So far away
Image in my mind
I walked away
I tread through the dusk
Until it was dark
Cherished by night sky
Under shining stars
Shooting star
Passed down the sky
Under the moonlight
and ocean of stars
Is there any love
Under the sky
In this desert
Where silence howls?
Gentle breeze
Touched my face
Turned, I see you
From behind my shawl
I stretched my hand
You touched and gone
There's the breeze again
Whispering away
I walk the desert
Under the stars
I went wondering
Just who you are...
I walk away
and I walk away...
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 2 1
With Your Strength
Deep in the darkness I continue to fall
Continuous regrets on and on
I can never tell
For everything I've ever did wrong
Continuous strife never been so long
I have lost inside these depths
While I fall I slowly float
Surprised of the force that suddenly
Embracing to me
Like someone who grabbed my hand
Pulling me up while I had thought
All hope is ever lost
You catch me while I was falling
Down right to insanity
You picked me up and wipe my tears
When I thought the hope is lost
You came just to prove me wrong
All my sadness gone
With your strength you have brought me in
Deep in my soul I only knew fear
Scared so much I went out to retreat
From those very thoughts
For everything I've ever did wrong
Constant struggling never been this long
I am crying in despair
While I thought I've lost 'em all
You came to me and say "You'll be fine.."
And you whispered, "I am here for you.."
Feeling safe, your soft embrace
Gives me strength, I am moving on
And I rise, scream and fly away!
You c
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 2 0
Rebuilding My Heart
Building back the broken heart
Forget the pain, let's just start
To me I just don't mind
To be alone
People come and people go
They know or not? I don't know
For I don't care what they say
I will just build it anyway
Don't even bother telling me
There's someone will come for me
Now I have no time to think
I'm just doing what I'm building
So just let me be
You don't understand me
I'm letting go
All the past that I know
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 3 0
Letting You Go
I'm so sorry
I don't mean to hurt you
But this is real
I'm not ready for anyone
Not now
Still bleeding and hurt
But I'm all right then
Don't you worry
Let me pick up the falling pieces
That's enough damage I had...
Makes me wonder
That you deserve so much better
As much as I do
But it's not you
Not us...
I'm so sorry
For letting you
Walk away from me
All the best for you
I'm moving on
Right now...
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 4 2
Body and Spirit
This spirit's sleeping
He's mourning away
A soul he had lost
He said, "What a trial..."
Now he's laying low
Regret and tired
Resting inside his tomb
A body called home
Hibernating, rethinking
Things has been too much lately
The body is tired
They tried to survive
Flaming ember down to a spark
This empty space's getting dark
And in silence he draws a tear
Extinguishes the only light
This place, this heart
He chained up the door
No more invasion
From some other soul
Everything's a pain
The mind is getting less sane
'cos every time it comes
It'll ended up the same
It would leave the body
Let it take its life
But is it really worth it
To turn off the light?
Wipe off those tears
Start off the fire
That used to light
The heart inside
It unchains the door
And welcoming a soul
The body smiles
And gladly so
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 1 2
Only Now
If only you could see what I see
Today won't gonna be
The day you mourn so deep
You smiled when you let me go
I knew you wished you don't have to
I looked into your eyes and I knew
It's too late when we poured 'em all
When confessions brought to stall
Since long ago
Now that I have a man
Only now you understand
It's too late
Do not fret, do not cry
You knew that we have tried
Our feelings wasn't a lie
My friend, you deserved better
One day
You'll get what you sought after
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 3 5
Welcoming Back
Home sweet home
Thanks for welcoming me back
Thank you for the smile
I've been missing you all these while
I missed the memories we had together
There's a lot of things to talk about
Missed all the games we played
And that smile you gave
Things come and go
But never will you ever
Leave me
'cos I know you'll be there
Suggesting what should I do
You'll hear me whine
You're the shoulder for me to cry on
You're welcoming me with open arms
And I'm holding you so tight
And I cry
You had no idea how much I missed you
Now we're together back again
I pray for our love will stay...
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 0 0
Piece For Myself
Slowing down my pace
There is no need to race
The journey is still long
There is no need to rush
I know there is so much to learn
Yet I'm so afraid to turn my back away
Even for a moment right now
The wind might change
But not my heart
For it won't budge
Even if it falls apart
Slowly building back
Let the storm comes around
Just never give up
The sunshine will come along
I continue walking
With the storm on my way
... and I smile like I don't care.
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 0 0
Moving On Myself
Don't you think that I don't get the clue
'cos these days I've been waiting
I've been wondering who am I right now
These days I've been falling
As much as I shed silent tears
Many days I told myself to be strong
Like withered rose crumbled into dust
Somehow like what I'm feeling right now
As much as I'm dying
I will keep on living
Even if you're no longer here
In my heart
Moments of silence kept on killing me
As much as how things gonna be
As soon as you turned your back
My visions fade to black
Things will never be the same again
I guess I will walk away
While my tears being washed by the rain
As I smile
As I smile
Waiting for another day...
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 3 0
A Dream Blessed
Weaving my dreams
Before I sleep
I smile at the future
That might never be
But I believe
That one day
We'll make it happen
In reality
I do worry, I have doubts
Feeling weak yet so strong
Alone I am nothing
Until I meet you
Gift of angels
Together we will fly
To the dreams we ever shared
We rise up to the skies
Flight of the angels
Accompanying the journey
Together, to our dreams
We'll live it someday
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 2 9
I Love You So
End this stupidity tonight
How long must we be this way
I can't hold this any more
And there's so much to say
It's been a while since I meet you
All these days I've never been so blue
When was the last time we really talked
All my dreams now replaced by thoughts
Of you...
Don't you think our love is real?
After all the things we've been through till now
I know our hearts held in denial
Convincing ourselves it's not real
We both know our love is true
But we both have chosen this way
To keep pretending, to keep denying
And ended up drowning in tears
So baby I just want you to know
That I sincerely love you so
No matter what you wanted to say
I know I can't stop you anyway
So this is just to let you know
It's hard for me to let it go
Never mind, I'll bear all the pain
Just make sure you are okay
So this is just to let you know
That I sincerely love you so...
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 1 0
Bon Odori Night
Cheerful sounds
Filled the air
There were children
Running here and there
A lot of people went around
Lots of things to be found
Foods, drinks and lanterns
Hanging around town
As soon as the sun sets
More crowd started to fill
Gathering around the stage
Waiting for something
They gather in a circle
With fans in their hands
Drums beaten on the stage
And people started to dance
Everyone in yukatas
Ad other classic wears
Such an event that night
I will never forget
After all the walk and dance
I came to rest my feet
Took a spot and had a seat
Beside someone so sweet
She wore a purple yukata
With cherry blossom all around
Shyly she gave me the glance
And I replied with a smile
She went off for a walk
I only managed to feel
Sweet smell of her fragrance
Lingering around me
That night I met an angel
In the Bon Odori
Such a colourful event
I always wanted to be in
Fireworks flaring up the skies
And cheers all around
I gave myself a smile
I'll come again another time
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 0 0
Awakening Nightmares
Ashen images rises from the ground
Invading my dreams
As I wake up from my sleep
Trickles of perspiration
Running down my face
My world's been turning upside down
What have I done
These images running around
With lots of sound
I'm bound and broken
Torn, I feel like screaming off my face
I lost my voice
Phantoms projecting in my brain
Hallucinating, am I dreaming?
The nightmare I'm experiencing
So real
Screaming from the door
The wailing from the wall
Crawling on my bed
Tearing off my head
Let me go
Let it end
I'm screaming to myself again
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 0 0
My Thought of Us
Just in case
I'll say I'm sorry
No matter how worst it looks
I'm doing it for good
If I ever talk too much
Don't let me do
'cos I had enough
Hurting you
Can't stop thinking
How we got together
We left the world behind
For a solemn night
Printed in my mind
I wanna turn back time
Wish I could try
I'm sorry if it's too much
Sometimes I lose my touch
You know I'm doing it for you
Much as you hate me
I'm doing it for you
Cheer up
Please put up your smile
Can't see you frown
Or I'll be down
Things might be hard
But don't give up
You know you have me
You know I'm with you
If there's a rift
Comes between us
Will you hold my hand
And save us?
If you let me go
I'll be gone
Beyond our touch
It'll hurt so much
If I let you go
It'll be much sorrow
Where do I go?
I'll be all alone
Used to say
We could've been together
Wonder of it's still there
Wonder if it's over...
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 1 0
Burning Falls
I am lying on this slab of stone
Let me wonder while the sky is moving
While the water running down on my back
On this river...
It was cool, so calm
I just wish you're here
You and me watching the skies
While clouds moving
We can talk of our dreams
In this feeling
Kiss me with your supple lips
And touch me, let me feel your gentleness
Love me like a fire that's been burning
All these while
And you vaporized, gone
Just where are those dreams
And our hopes, gone
I let the tears running down my face
I let the dreams fly away
You're like a burning butterfly
Dancing down from the skies
So bright, so beautiful
Nice to see, but no chance to land
On my hand
I'm losing again
On this stone I cry my dreams away
As I remembered all those memories
You were here, with me
We shared our moments together
But now you're gone
Just where are those dreams
And our hopes, gone
I let the tears running down my face
I let the dreams fly away
I cried again
How can you forget us
While I can't
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 6 2
Fire in my hands
As I dipped in the water
I screamed
It was painful
It's still there
Like a feeling
Glowing like ember
Like a star
It was you
Who lived for me
And you know
How I feel
It was warm
When I was in your arms
These hands touched you
And your kiss
Burns within...
You look now
What have you done
Look at me
I'm in agony
What was once warmed me up
Now it's burning me down
And my heart is torn
I'm falling apart
:icongypsydres:Gypsydres 1 3


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I know it's kinda late, but here's the links for the episode of Mag Seven, which featured CF 2011 Marvel group. The show also got interviews of 2 of local cosplayers.… (part 1)… (part 2)… (part 3)

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